How To Survive and Stand Out at a Book Event: 5 Essential Strategies

Monday, April 11th 2016 • Advice, Books, Events

Yesterday, I was signing at the LA Times Festival of Books at the SCBWI booth. It was my second year participating and one of many, many book events that I have participated in. I was surrounded on either side by several different authors, each of whom had come prepared with a variety of decorations, swag, and book displays. One played music related to her book while another brought battery-operated lights and an astronaut helmet. Another showed up with five books and looked around at the various displays and told me that she thought she’d thought of everything but felt woefully unprepared. She asked me what had proved successful for my signings in the past, and it made me think. What were the questions that I had before my first signing, and what had worked for me?

For example, how many books do you bring? How do you get people to buy your book? How do you sell books without turning people off? How do you promote signings? How can you make the most of your book signing?

Luckily, the advice I have for book signings boils down to five essential strategies.

Please note that most of these strategies are geared to a signing at an event, panel, etc. where you are competing for attention. For your own personal signing, these will still be helpful, but realize you won’t necessarily have to seek the spotlight in the same way.

1. Bring something for people to admire, to take home, and to keep them thinking about your book.
These three things are all you need to pull a passerby’s attention to you AND they’ll fit on a small table if you’re sharing with other authors. For the “something for people to admire,” think about that astronaut’s helmet that the author next to me had. Her book was about a young child in space, and it drew kids to her picture book immediately. Once they were in front of her, she could talk about the book and hook them on the content. For me, I love the cover art of Mara and Miyuki, so my “something to admire” was simply my books propped up on small display easels. (Continue Reading…)

Is it February already?

Saturday, February 7th 2015 • Black Hill Press, Books

I remain unconvinced! How can it already be February? Well, it’s been busy. That’s my only excuse!

On Monday, I got to be on an amazing Black Hill Press panel with some incredible authors. I always love the chance to hang out at Book Soup. It’s seriously a labyrinth of books with all these great places to just hang out and read. I got there about an hour or so early just to explore. Sometimes, that’s the best part.

Here's me with my babies at Book Soup. What a blast!

Here’s me with my babies at Book Soup. What a blast!

In addition, I’ve also partnered with Black Hill Press to do a Valentine’s Day giveaway of Mara. Check it out below and don’t forget to like the Facebook page for updates!

Until next time, wonderful people!

What a weekend!

Monday, May 5th 2014 • Books, Miyuki

What a great weekend! I had a blast with Black Hill Press and Mysterious Galaxy for California Bookstore Day. I was able to chat with some amazing authors and readers. It’s one of my favorite parts of being a writer!

Happy California Bookstore Day 2014!

Also, don’t forget that Black Hill Press put together a fantastic anthology in The Cost of Paper. In it, you’ll find my brand new short story about Mara and Miles. If you missed out, don’t worry. You can still head on over here to purchase it and the other stories in The Cost of Paper on Amazon. You also can get a digital copy for FREE from Black Hill Press’s website. Now, it’s time for me to get back to writing. Thank you everyone! Veronica

California Bookstore Day!

Wednesday, April 30th 2014 • Books, Miyuki

Are you unbelievably excited for California Bookstore Day? I am! Here are a few reasons why you should be getting ready for May 3.

Black Hill Press is releasing an anthology full of familiar faces, including Miles and Mara! That’s right! If you’re still wringing your hands after that ending in Miyuki and want to spend some extra time with Miles and Mara, you’re going to want to get your hand on The Cost of Paper. This special anthology features work by some fabulous Black Hill Press authors and artists, and a short story of mine called “Recycled” is included. Grab your copy at your participating local California bookstore, or head on over here to purchase it on Amazon. You also can get a digital copy for FREE from Black Hill Press’s website. So, what are you waiting for? Get reading!

I’m participating in Mysterious Galaxy’s Local Author Meet and Greet! I will be signing copies of Miyuki at this event in Redondo Beach. Come by and say hello!

Excited yet? I certainly hope so! While you wait, here’s a sneak peek of “Recycled” From The Cost of Paper.


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